Tashaka Battle

Tashaka Battle

The Complexity of Love

Two souls collide in the heart of a bustling city, reigniting old flames amidst snowflakes and unspoken promises.

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Meet the Author

Tashaka Battle

“Sometimes, the most profound connections resurface unexpectedly, challenging the maps we’ve drawn for our lives.”
About The Author

Tashaka Battle – Journeying through Relationships

Tashaka Battle, with The Complexity of Love, reveals our mix-up with love. Thus, she guides people through the maze of relationships with stories from her life.

Her deep narrative style makes readers feel as if they are experiencing the turmoil of love within them. As she shares the ups and downs of a relationship, she also drops some much-needed wisdom. Hence, she prompts readers to question their desires and be wise when reaching the next junction in their love life.


Our Excited Readers

– Bella Jones
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An eye-opener! It’s like talking to a wise friend who’s lived through it all. A must-read for anyone entering into a relationship.
– Chandler Costa
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A game-changer for Millennials and Gen-Zs. It’s not just a book but a life lesson on love. This book teaches you to commit before you engage.
– Boris Lenny
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This is thought-provoking and genuine! Tashaka’s insights on love versus lust are enlightening. I love this enlightening read.
– Jenny Douglas
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Battle’s book is like a therapy session for our lust-drive population. It’s comforting, enlightening, and filled with hard-learned wisdom.
– Samantha Brown
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This book is an amazing mix of wisdom and warmth. Battle’s guidance on love is priceless, clearly drawn from personal experiences.”
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